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  • n. A psychotherapist or psychiatrist.


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p (the first letter) + doc


  • Among these titles there are also a couple of unique words found in mental health groups - words such as pdoc and tdoc. Bipolar Disorder

  • I don't know if he's told you what's been said, but what might have been happening is the pdoc looking for an assessment of your mood state, suicidal ideation, etc from a source that will be 100% honest, something I know I have trouble with when it comes to my mental state.

    The Patriarchy Got In The Way Of A Good Time At The Psychiatrist's Office

  • It took me 5 years at my pdoc before he admitted I have Bipolar disorder.

    The Aspy Wedding

  • I hope you get the meds sorted out and get a good pdoc soon.

    A Pre-Doctor Appointment Stream Of Consciousness

  • I have been a pd for 2 yrs and no other pdoc in the cancer bio dept has left in that time!

    Yes, you need a high-impact paper

  • Realized last week, I still hadn't found a pdoc to refill my prescriptions.

    Ask MetaFilter

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