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  • n. A rifle throwing a very small bullet, especially used by sharp-shooters before the introduction of conical balls.


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  • It was equivalent to killing an elephant with a pea-rifle.

    Chapter 15

  • These men carried but one weapon: the long-barrelled, small-bored pea-rifle, whose bullets ran seventy to the pound, the amount of powder and lead being a little less than that contained in the cartridge of a thirty-two calibre Winchester.

    X. Old Ephraim

  • -- American bushrangers advocate a long heavy pea-rifle, on the plea of its accurate shooting, and the enormous saving in weight of ammunition when bullets of a small size are used.

    The Art of Travel Shifts and Contrivances Available in Wild Countries

  • Kentucky rifle, which, from the ball being little larger than a pea, was called a pea-rifle.

    The Dog Crusoe and his Master

  • No backwoodsman of Kentucky was ever more perfect in the use of his pea-rifle or more certain of his aim than was Annatock with his murderous whip.


  • [51] Captain Burton started with two huge elephant-guns, one double rifle, one pea-rifle, one air-gun, two revolving pistols, and a cross-bow, all of which he used for display to amuse the Arabs.

    What Led to the Discovery of the Source of the Nile


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