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  • Geladu-tiv struggled not to turn and meet the eyes of the very tall peaceforcer.

    Drowning World

  • The head of Fluva's peaceforcer contingent appeared above the desk less than a minute later.

    Drowning World

  • To the senior's discernible relief, the hulking peaceforcer who had been standing immediately behind him stepped back and resumed his original position next to the doorway.

    Drowning World

  • "Me, a peaceforcer?" the thranx replied in perfect, remarkably unaccented terranglo.

    Flinx's Folly

  • From time to time he would pause in his studies to contact the orbiting Commonwealth peaceforcer Sodivana, using the relay on Flinx's shuttle to boost the signal frown his hand transmitter.

    Mid Flinx

  • So Lord Caavax had survived his ordeal in the forest and made it safely back to his ship, only to run afoul of a Commonwealth peaceforcer.

    Mid Flinx

  • She's no peaceforcer, but she's lethal enough to make me feel secure.

    Mid Flinx

  • A peaceforcer cruiser was dispatched to Longtunnel to help with the cleanup and to begin the search for her assailants.

    Flinx In Flux

  • It would behoove the attackers to act rapidly on the outside chance a peaceforcer might be in the area.

    Flinx In Flux

  • "Oh, they may be having thoughts about returning home to assemble a better; equipped landing party, but by that time we'll have gotten the word out and there'll be a peaceforcer or two standing watch in orbit."

    Sentenced To Prism


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