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  • n. someone who opposes war even when it is considered impractical to do so; a strict pacifist

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  • n. One who talks much, but impractically, of peace and peacemaking.


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From peace + monger ("peddler"), in parallel to warmonger.


  • • And finally, we have been helping the veteran peacemonger and all-round activist troublemaker Pat Arrowsmith to go straight.

    Hugh Muir's diary

  • It set Tony Blair up in a post-prime ministerial career as a part-time peacemonger (though even his friend Lord Levy now feels he has failed in that).

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • The first thirteen parts of the fourteen-part message—which the Americans decoded faster than the Japanese embassy–contained a long and resentful retelling of recent events, with Japan and America in the respective roles of misunderstood peacemonger and arrogant imperialist.

    Sealing Their Fate

  • Besides, if the failure led to another war, then the Empire could use the war as an excuse to rebuild and strengthen its holds on territory and resources and to discredit the peacemonger critics.

    The Silent Warrior

  • Brissago, a convention of the governing folk of the world -- the dream and deed of the Frenchman _Leblanc_, "a little bald, spectacled man," a peacemonger whom, till that day of ruin, everyone had thought an amiable fool.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, May 27, 1914

  • He is a good guy - definitely, but does not have the following Michael Bennet does on either a state or a national scale. peacemonger -- I know you like making assertions based on how you would like to see reality, but would you care to back any of this up? - Front Page

  • It's not the same as Fox New Channel and suggesting otherwise is wrong, peacemonger. by: you @ soon - Front Page

  • To listen to peacemonger, Cronk and the Bennet staff/shills, botw, ah-choo etc. you'd think Michael Bennet walked on water and was the epitome of staying above it all. by: you @ soon - Front Page

  • Bitter-Sweet: My Life With Obasanjo, which enthusiastically described a man who was a violent wife-basher and womaniser, arrived on the shelves just as Olusegan Obasanjo had surrendered power peacefully before a third term and was trying to establish himself as the predominant peacemonger on the continent.

    IOL: News

  • Obama's deceitful image as peacemonger will allow him to get away with policies and actions that would not be countenanced for an instant if they had come from the likes of McCain or Bush.



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