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  • n. gaudy showiness

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Vainglorious display; the state of being puffed up with vanity.


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peacock +‎ -ery


  • I awkwardly boogied my way in her direction, decorating myself en route with the obligatory bar mitzvah dance floor peacockery, and we locked eyes.

    The Human Bobby

  • But beyond that, the Congressional GOP outrage over the matter is also steeped in a competing exhibition of abstract expressionism: deficit peacockery.

    GOP-Led Smithsonian Controversy Will Likely Make Controversial Artists Better-Known

  • Certainly, an element of social peacockery does come into play — but that alone does not account for the phenomenon.

    My Big Fat Indian Wedding

  • Confidence and peacockery can be entertaining as long as you know and are consistently reminded of where the focal point is—or, in this case, Who it is.

    April 2008

  • In a form of social peacockery, the greater the misallocation of resources proposed, the more lavish the ovation -- though here Mr. Pickens has already been outdone by Al Gore.

    Boone Doggle

  • Gilbert either ignored the peacockery or indulged it.

    Twice shy

  • A certain depression seemed to settle over him the evening following, after they had dined at a Broadway restaurant and were spending the interim before theater in the lobby of the Hotel Astor, where Mrs. Becker never tired of observing and commenting upon the transient swirl and peacockery.


  • I began to long for the lights of Broadway (which I had scornfully despised in other days), and the gay peacockery of Fifth Avenue at four in the afternoon.

    A Fool and His Money

  • Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey said Chapman engaged in "profit-driven peacockery" and disregarded public safety when he delivered the injured, pepper-sprayed 29-year-old fugitive to the county jail on Wednesday while TV cameras rolled.

    Reuters: Top News

  • He likened the TV bounty hunter's work to "genuine profit-driven peacockery."

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion


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