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  • n. One which reaches or forms a peak
  • adj. which peaks, reaches or forms a peak

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  • n. A load of logs narrowing sharply toward the top, and thus shaped like an inverted V.
  • n. The top log of a load.


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to peak + -er


  • Councillors and Mayor James Young passed a motion at this afternoon's committee meeting declaring East Gwillimbury an unwilling host for the so-called peaker plant.


  • The plant, known as a peaker plant, provides power when the electricity grid is overloaded during peak-use periods.

  • As I learned more, it became clear to me that we should reconsider before building any more natural gas "peaker" plants in crowded urban areas.

    Carl Pope: 'Tis the Gift to Be Simple

  • All of them aim to challenge the dominance of costly natural gas "peaker" plants.

    Business Wire Travel News

  • Companies such as Calpine Corp, Southern, Dynegy Inc may benefit because they have "peaker" power plants that only run during times of heavy demand.

    Climate Progress

  • The proposal in King would place a $350 million, 393 megawatt "peaker" plant - the kind that kicks in only at times of peak energy demand - on a 25-hectare former vegetable patch next to a canal on Dufferin St., just north of Highway 9. - Home Page

  • There have been some "peaker" plants running natural gas (more expensive) and some minor "renewable" projects but generally we have just been "running in place" with regards to capacity and utilizing up all the "reserve" capacity that had been built up in previous years, as evidenced by blackouts in places like California.

    Life In The Great Midwest

  • The technology ultimately will cut spending for expensive "peaker" plants that electric utilities must build to operate only when there is very high demand, like during a heat wave.

    news | WM |

  • All of this and many additional tourist-friendly amenities such as a "pedestrian tree walk" and kayak beach would be built in addition to the power plant, which under the plan would continue to operate as a natural gas-burning "peaker" plant (one that runs only when demand is at peak periods).

    New Times News

  • While getting rid of daytime minutes would have little real effect on cell phone networks, shifting electricity demand from high-demand to low-demand times could have a significant impact on the electrical system, partly by reducing the need for inefficient 'peaker' plants, which top up supply during periods of maximum strain.

    a sibilant intake of breath


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