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  • n. Plural form of peal.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of peal.


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  • She squeals with delight, screams at the camera, revels in peals of laughter and joy.

    The Phenomenon of Emma Clark: The Twilight Viral Video Woman | /Film

  • But during the actual songs, intermittently, people will burst out in peals of startled delight at something -- a clever beyond words musical transition, a bit of stage business, Ian flourishing his most phallic of instruments in the most phallic of locations.

    he feels the piston scraping -- steam breaking on his brow --

  • The suggestion his team uses voodoo to improve its game caused F Benni McCarthy to break out in peals of laughter. - South Africa

  • The storm approached; till, breaking in peals over his head, it discharged such sheets of livid fire at his feet, that the horse reared, and plunging amidst the blaze, flashed the light of his rider's armor on the eyes of a troop of horsemen, who also stood under the tempest, gazing with affright at the scene.

    The Scottish Chiefs

  • What a pity that the Razor House illicits (misspelling intentional) peals of teenage lust while art of this magnitude and grandeur goes without comment.

    Systematic Landscapes by Maya Lin

  • Even peals of laughter would not raise Puff, who soon became so easily hypnotized Zora could merely flip him over and he'd go under.


  • Then a summer storm suddenly broke loose from the heavens with peals of thunder and sheets of rain.

    Alexander the Great

  • The doorbell rang, three sharp peals of impatience.

    At Hidden Falls

  • No peals of thunder rent the skies, no great beasts rose up from the earth.

    Fire The Sky

  • Obama will greet the 8000 assembled guests by telecast which will receive polite applause until John McCain dons a Hitler moustache and adds a Nazi salute sending the crowd into uproarious peals of laughter.

    Matthew Yglesias » Hinderacker: Gandhi, Mandela are Overrated


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