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  • n. Plural form of peasantry.


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  • What is called industrial unrest might more truly be described as industrial collapse ; and the things that are not collapsing are exactly the old things that it was the fashion to regard as decaying, such as the ancient peasantries of Christendom.

    Arthur Penty's Post-Industrialism

  • It is absolutely fallacious to suggest that there is some sort of difficulty in peasantries whereby they are bound to disappear.

    Chesterton's Response to Shaw (Part Two)

  • Chesterton in 1924, β€œto say a single word for the family, or the true case for property, or a proper understanding of the religious peasantries, while the whole modern Press is full of every sort of sophistry to smooth the way of divorce, of birth control, of mere state expedience, and all the rest.”

    Rare Catholic Treasure Won By Christendom College

  • Abroad, where there were peasantries, it was different, but in England the peasantry had already disappeared.

    In the Days of the Comet

  • Speaking of the Indian peasant a writer in an English journal says: 'The ryot lives in the face of Nature, on a simple diet easily procured, and inherits a philosophy, which, without literary culture, lifts his spirit into a higher plane of thought than other peasantries know of.

    No Animal Food and Nutrition and Diet with Vegetable Recipes

  • Nor is this peculiar to Sambo; it has in history been just as true of John and Hans, of Jacques and Pat, of all ground-down peasantries.

    The Souls of Black Folk

  • Palestine has hardly as yet a patriotism to be betrayed; but it certainly has a peasantry to be oppressed, and especially to be oppressed as so many peasantries have been with usury and forestalling.

    The New Jerusalem

  • Slaveries could last, and peasantries could last; but wage-earning communities could hardly even live, and were already dying.

    What I Saw in America

  • They do not, like some peasantries, create other kinds of culture besides the kind called agriculture.

    What I Saw in America

  • The peasantries are growing not only more prosperous but more politically effective; the Russian moujik has held up the

    What I Saw in America


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