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  • After 1509, with even government officials barred from carrying weapons, these civil-defence methods went underground, but were secretly practised and developed by the middle-level samurai class known as pechin, whose responsibilities included law-enforcement.

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  • He was stanin 'pechin' like a podlie oot o 'the watter, an' starin 'roond him like a huntit dog.

    My Man Sandy

  • Sandy landit cloit doon on the flure, an 'sat sweitin', an 'pechin', an 'ac'ually greetin'.

    My Man Sandy

  • Kai gar outos auton dialuthenton kai melachthenton kai tropon tina prosapenton ergon esti ten pechin kratesai, kai diakratepheises de deinas barutetas empoiei kai nosodeis apechias ...

    The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • On floo Pottie yalpin '"Pileece," "Murder," "Help," wi' Sandy at his tails, an 'the ither half-dizzen followin' up, pechin 'like cadgers' pownies.

    My Man Sandy

  • "Wae's me, wae's me, will ye not have enough truck wi 'the wenches already that ye mak' me lie eching and pechin 'and listening for the death-watch on sic a nicht," -- and at that Jean giggled hysterically and crept closer to Tam, and the old dame turned on her like a flash.

    The McBrides A Romance of Arran

  • The sun gaed doun amang unco-lookin 'clouds; it fell as mirk as the pit; no a star, no a breath o' wund; ye couldnae see your han 'afore your face, and even the auld folk cuist the covers frae their beds and lay pechin' for their breath.

    Merry Men

  • a hand o 'it -- a wheezin' rattlin 'pechin thing that ye micht expect tae flee in bits for the noise in the wame o't.

    The Man from Glengarry; a tale of the Ottawa


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