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  • n. A large keyboard at the base of an electronic or pipe organ console that the organist plays with the feet


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  • A regular Rahsaan Roland Kirk of the keyboards, Ted cooked up his own little homemade 88's complete with five keyboards, pedalboard, Hammond B-3, Minimoog, Mellotron, and an echolette.

    Eating Popcorn In The Grass

  • I actually nearly bought one a while ago with a full pedalboard, but baulked at the idea of transporting it.

    Royal British Columbia Museum: Old Town, Cruise, Long House & slutty wharf women

  • But I'm not too good at it, I know none of the pieces to the end, and I also have no pedalboard foot-keyboard, so I play a 'handicaped' version, except for BWV 913, which is one of the harpsichord toccata's of the Angela Hewitt CD mentioned above, and thus 'hands only'.

    Music While Painting

  • But I don't have to take all of them to every performance really, I don't, and this is a nice addition to transport until I finally design and build the multi-level pedalboard that I really should.

    reads, windowshopboom, moogbag, badgerhaus

  • The Pod XT pedalboard is a new product, only a few months old.

    Behringer's dirt-cheap stompboxes. Look familiar?

  • So I was very excited to read Peter at CDM's report about Harmonical, a new free soft synth from Nial Moody the guy who build a MIDI guitar pedalboard from wood and joystick parts.

    Coolest synth interface ever?

  • Club Class: Korg AX3000G: It looks like another Boss/Line6 big black pedalboard clone, but there are two interesting things here: First, it has a Adrenalinn-style step-sequencer for effects/filters built in.

    A tale of three guitar boxes

  • Can I have a pedalboard built of transparent aluminum?

    Laocoon AAR

  • Basic rig seems to have settled down in terms of what I take and use, so I really do need to at least start on a pedalboard design.

    Phasmatodea AAR

  • This error is one of those reasons I really need to design a pedalboard, and maybe convert the Z-Vexes from batteries to power adaptors.

    shopping, show, reading


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