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  • n. Behaving or acting in the manner of a pedant.

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  • n. The office, disposition, or act of a pedant; pedantry.

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  • n. The office or work of a pedagogue.
  • n. Pedantry.


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pedant +‎ -ism


  • When one cultures a happy go lucky, easy come easy go, low to no stress persona - pedantism is like shin splints.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Snip snip.

  • For me pedantism (which I misspelled intentionally above - God, I make me laugh) is a mask hiding my base, blue collar roots.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Snip snip.

  • The first researcher to note and catalog the abnormal experiences associated with TLE was neurologist Norman Geschwind, who noted a constellation of symptoms, including hypergraphia, hyperreligiosity, fainting spells, mutism and pedantism, often collectively ascribed to a condition known as Geschwind syndrome.

    Eight Diseases that Give You Super Human Powers | Impact Lab

  • They are often timorous and apprehensive, and prone to pedantism.

    Why Worry?

  • Although slightly tinged with pedantism and preciosity, its freshness, its grace, its inspiration and sincerity, give it a flavour almost of primitive art.

    The French Revolution A Short History

  • In this queer pedantism of a man who had read, thought, lived, pen in hand, there is the sincerity of the attempt to grapple by the same means with another profounder knowledge.

    Under Western Eyes

  • Now began the native spleen of Oceana to be much purged, and men not to affect sullenness and pedantism.

    The Commonwealth of Oceana

  • But if the Georgian and the kind-souled Soloviev served as a palliating beginning against the sharp thorns of great worldly wisdom, in the curious education of the mind and soul of Liubka; and if Liubka forgave the pedantism of Lichonin for the sake of a first sincere and limitless love for him, and forgave just as willingly as she would have forgiven curses, beatings, or a heavy crime -- the lessons of Simanovsky, on the other hand, were a downright torture and a constant, prolonged burden for her.

    Yama: the pit

  • But there is a meanness and poorness in modern prudence, not only to the damage of civil government, but of religion itself; for to make a man in matter of religion, which admits not of sensible demonstration (jurare in verba magistri), engage to believe no otherwise than is believed by my lord bishop, or Goodman Presbyter is a pedantism that has made the sword to be a rod in the hands of schoolmasters; by which means, whereas the Christian religion is the furthest of any from countenancing war, there never was a war of religion but since

    The Commonwealth of Oceana


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