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  • noun The bathing of the feet; also, a bath for the feet.


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  • Living in Philadelphia and having had a little experience with doctors, Mrs. Abbey let them severely alone and prescribed the pediluvium, hop-tea, sulphur and molasses and a roll-up in warm blankets for everything -- and with great success.

    Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 06 Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists

  • The lancet is the anchor of hope in this disease; which must be repeated four or five times, or as often as the fever and difficulty of breathing increase, which is generally in the evening; antimonials, diluents, repeated small blisters about the chest, mucilage, pediluvium, warm bath.

    Zoonomia, Vol. II Or, the Laws of Organic Life

  • Another mode of applying nutritive fluids might be by extensive fomentations, or by immerging the whole body in a bath of broth, or of warm milk, which might at the same time be coagulated by rennet, or the acid of the calf's stomach; broth or whey might thus probably be introduced, in part at least, into the circulation, as a solution of nitre is said to have been absorbed in a pediluvium, which was afterwards discovered by the manner in which paper dipped frequently in the urine of the patient and dried, burnt and sparkled like touch-paper.

    Zoonomia, Vol. II Or, the Laws of Organic Life


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