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  • n. Plural form of pedipalp.


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  • Regarding "manually inserted using a pair of appendages on their undersides known as pedipalps," I find it interesting that feet or is it "kids"? are used as hands.

    "The aptly-named Harpactea sadistica."

  • The males have a pair of mating organs, known as pedipalps, one of which they use for each copulation -- in other words, twice is their limit. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The computer models also revealed that Cryptomartus hindi's mouth appendages, called pedipalps, had tiny 'tarsal' claws attached at the end to help the creature to manipulate its prey.


  • The body of the specimen in alcohol, excluding the pedipalps, is about 2 mm long.

    An intertidal pseudoscorpion

  • I think the spiders in the last pic are complete with pedipalps.

    And Now the Conclusion of The Spider Wreck Chronicles

  • Also, if you look closely at a tarantula an occupation I'd advise you against, you'd notice that in addition to its eight legs, it has two smaller leg-like appendages called pedipalps.

    And Now the Conclusion of The Spider Wreck Chronicles

  • Their pedipalps are well-developed and are used both as a tactile organ and to hold on to prey.


  • Larval mites have a short gnathosoma with stocky pedipalps on either side of paired chelicerae.


  • All members of this subphylum have chelicerae and pedipalps as their first and second prosomal appendages.


  • One of his long, sinewy pedipalps shot down from his cephalothorax and silenced the shrilling alert signal on his wraparound helm console.

    Creative Couplings


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