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  • n. Plural form of peen.


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  • There's 5 metal peens in the full picture, so it might be a little

    Dlisted - Be Very Afraid

  • I'm guessing yes since there are bare boobs and peens flying around.

    The Cylons Did Too Have a Plan! - Pink

  • Dis tiem uv dai der iz ushulee onlee wun oar too peeplz abowt – iz berry erli in teh You Ess Ay, soe dis iz gud tiem 4 uro peens 2 plai!

    Tru Heeros - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • When people rice bowl guard or wave their silat e-peens, it always always always means that they're compensating for something.

    Karate is Deadly, but ...

  • * Edges on both peens should be rounded and smooth so that no marks will be left on the work.

    Chapter 11

  • This time, however, neither pills nor vitriol nor all his herbs would shift the "nasty peens in his head".

    Sons and Lovers

  • Tamborello added all the necessary bleeps and bloops to Ben Gibbard's emotional peens to turn the

    The Full Feed from

  • Not judging your dreams ... but somehow women with peens seems less shocking than a man with a vajajay. on June 25, 2010 9: 36 AM


  • War supporters and dweebs who feel their e-peens harden when they think there gonna rally a banning-purge.

    Documenting Reality

  • Hollywood also loves a reliable hero with a thousand-peens-I-mean-faces on a quest plot as in the Star Wars-LOTR franchises, or more recently in Clash of the Titans.

    Irish Blogs


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