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  • n. Plural form of peewee.


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  • Tiny hardy kiwis with edible skin, known as peewees or passion popper kiwi-berries, have also started generating solid revenues due in large part to their cotton candy flavor.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • And NFL officials have said this week, yes, we're going to protect our players at our level, and we hope that trickles down to college, high school, peewees.

    May I Tackle You? NFL Carefully Takes The Field

  • They are coached, from peewees, to skate in disciplined defensive waves.

    Matthew Yglesias » America The Beautiful

  • From the humorous to the mortifying, peewees to varsity, boys and girls, any sport at every age—

    Parents Behaving Badly

  • “My hope was that it would just appear like this field of dreams, but the plans got mixed up and I had to get involved to make certain Fenway was for the peewees and the big kids played in Yankee Stadium.”

    Parents Behaving Badly

  • A side o 'roasted peewees, the smallest of the fingerling potatoes.

    Michael McCarty: Meal Periods: Steaks and the City

  • Two weeks ago one of my peewees was diagnosed with both a broken collarbone and rib, from a football accident.


  • Birds found here and in only few other places include white-bellied seedeaters Sporophila leucoptera, grassland yellow-finches Sicalis luteola, chalk-browed mockingbirds Mimus saturninus, tropical peewees Contopus cinereus, rufous-throated antbirds Gymnopithys rufigula, black-breasted puffbirds Notharchus pectoralis, and plain-bellied emeralds Amazilia leucogaster.

    Marajó varzea

  • “His successors, compared to him, were as peewees to the Matterhorn.”


  • They are very different in behaviour and posture, but to the complete novice, there is an unequivocal way of telling them apart: Currawongs have yellow eyes, magpies have browny-red eyes and peewees have white eyes

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