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  • n. A variety of top, commonly of solid wood with a metal peg, which is spun by the rapid uncoiling of a string wound round it.
  • n. plural A kind of trousers very wide at the top, and gradually narrowing till they become tight at the ankles: so called from their resemblance when on the person to the toy so named.
  • Shaped like a child's top.


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  • It was his joy to recall, for all who came, the days of the bicycle built for two, the peg-top trousers and brown derbies of the men, and of the bustles, flounces and puffed sleeves of the women.

    Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon

  • ‘John has lately been speculating in the peg-top ring; and I often say to him at night, “John, IS the result worth the wear and tear?”’

    A Holiday Romance

  • This was too large for their little hands to grasp, and by means of some grievance inside, or perhaps through a cruel trick of the plumber, up went the long handle every time small fingers were too confiding, and there it stood up like the tail of a rampant cow, or a branch inaccessible, until an old shawl or the cord of a peg-top could be cast up on high to reduce it.


  • R. Wilfer locked up his desk one evening, and, putting his bunch of keys in his pocket much as if it were his peg-top, made for home.

    Our Mutual Friend

  • A young man in peg-top trousers and side whiskers carrying a spiked stick appeared by the lake.

    Between the Acts

  • Mayakin spoke fast, whirling like a peg-top amid the crowd of people.

    The Man Who Was Afraid

  • “Kirra-kul” (EUPOMATIA LAURINA), which resembles an obtuse peg-top, and is spun from the peg.

    My Tropic Isle

  • They had bought flaring suits with huge peg-top trousers and gigantic padded shoulders.

    This Side of Paradise

  • An old-fashioned nearly, crinolines and peg-top trousers.

    To the Lighthouse

  • He had four men with him who wore a mixture of fawn- and charcoal-colored suits with peg-top trousers.



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