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  • n. Plural form of pegmatite.


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  • Certain special varieties of igneous rocks, known as pegmatites, carry coarsely crystallized mica and feldspar of commercial value, as well as a considerable variety of precious gems and other commercial minerals.

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • - Hector Bore (WA), these tenements contain know Uranium mineralization as well as having several geological targets such as pegmatites and a barite occurrence.

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  • While you're there, if you come across any governmental types who are involved with mining or minerals exploitation, can you ask them if they're ready to dig up the thortveitite containing pegmatites?

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  • In pegmatites, the liquid rock (magma) cools so slowly that crystals have time to grow very large.


  • Feldspar is mined from large granite bodies (called plutons by geologists), from pegmatites (formed when the last fluid stages of a crystallizing granite becomes concentrated in small liquid and vapor-rich pockets that allow the growth of extremely large crystals), and from sands composed mostly of feldspar.


  • The flake mica produced in the U.S. comes from several sources: the metamorphic rock called schist as a by-product of processing feldspar and kaolin resources, from placer deposits, and from pegmatites.


  • Beryl forms distinctive hexagonal prisms, and is found in the igneous rock granite and special igneous rocks, derived from granites, known as pegmatites.


  • The odds are a thousand to one against there being dilithium pegmatites under Rakatan Mons to begin with.


  • Apatite is especially abundant in some pegmatites.

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • The pegmatites thus afford a connecting link between ores of direct igneous sources and ores formed as "igneous after-effects," which are discussed in the next paragraph.

    The Economic Aspect of Geology


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