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  • n. In botany, same as cortical layer(which see, under cortical).
  • n. In infusorians, the cuticle.


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  • The Latin pellicula, meaning “a little skin,” as in the peeling from a fruit, was passed down to Romance languages in various forms to mean “film,” including, in some cases, the “Me Tarzan, you Jane” kind of film.

    The English Is Coming!

  • In their article about the hotel heiress, they described Ms. Hilton's famous X-rated Web video as pellicula in interrete vulgate de coitu Paridis

    Veni, Vidi, Wiki:

  • Persoon, in his description of areca catechu, makes the following observation: E fructu ab extima pellicula libero, simul cum foliis piperis betle, addito pauxillo calcis ex ostreis, fit masticatorium, quod Indiani continue volvunt in ore, ut malus anhelitus corrigatur, et dentes ac stomachus roborentur.

    Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia Performed between the years 1818 and 1822 — Volume 1

  • Curtis; quia pellicula imminuti sunt; quia Moses Rex


  • Zonagen would not develop any commercial product from research relating to the zona pellicula-despite naming itself after it. Home Page

  • Zonagen was founded more than twenty years ago to try to develop birth control methods based on modification of the zona pellicula-a part of the ovum. Home Page

  • Quidfi dicamus proxime deri - uari a Choro, Mufico inftrumento, quod vt notat S. Hiero - nymus Epiftola ad Dardanum, ex pelle formatum, ex vria - parte per foramen aerem concipiens, per aliam cnm fono emittit s quiafimiliter ad continendum quodintra concipi - tur, quselibet earum fit difpofita pellicula?

    Optica philosophia experimentis et ratione a fundamentis constituta, Nicolai ...

  • Si ponatur. cum fua pellicula inuoluente rarior illo, auo-ebit quideni, fecundum receffum a di&is perpendicularibus,. duclisa Centro fuae cauitatis adpuncta ingreffus, conuer - gentiam di&arum radiationum; fed hoc ip£o coo-nofcicur iilasad minimum in fuam anteriorem crailitiem admittere adhuc in fpatio extenfo dirfufas, ante coincidentiam 5 & fic cum radiationibus deferentibus aliorum Signabilium con - diftinguibilium reprsefentatiua, & fimiliter dirfufis, commiir nicantes m fpatiojhoc eft, confufas ..

    Optica philosophia experimentis et ratione a fundamentis constituta, Nicolai ...


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