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  • n. A pen (apart from the holder).


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  • I ground my teeth as he slid his pen-point over the pad.

    At the bicycle shop

  • He bought a dollar fountain-pen, which had large gold-like bands and a rather scratchy pen-point, and a box of fairly large sheets of paper.

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • Because it comes to my pen-point; for in considering it carefully, your state of overexcitement is probably truer, or at least more fertile and more human than my

    The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters

  • Without knowing how he did it he was solving continuously the simultaneous differential equations of the calculus of warped surfaces; extrapolating the sigma curve to an ever-moving instant of time three and nine-tenths seconds-the flight-time of the bombs plus his own reaction time-ahead of the frantic pen-point of the chart.

    Masters Of The Vortex

  • Juan used the pen-point which the second bird had given him.

    Filipino Popular Tales

  • "Here, take this pen-point, and use it whenever the king asks you to write for him," said the female bird.

    Filipino Popular Tales

  • A sheet of paper and a pen-point cannot supply the place of a sheet of ice and a skate-edge.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 09, No. 51, January, 1862

  • The square being set as near to the line as desired, the handle may be held at such an angle that the pen-point will just meet the line when sloped either as in Figure 21 or 22.

    Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught

  • A form of pen-point recently introduced is shaped as in Figure 26, the object being to have a thin stream of ink near the marking pen-point and the main body of the ink near at hand, instead of extending up the pen, as would be the case with Figure 24.

    Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught

  • During this motion the inside faces of the pen-point must be held as nearly vertical as possible, so as to keep the two halves of the pen-point equal.

    Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught


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