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  • n. An insulating barrier separating two superconducting materials and producing the Josephson effect.


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  • They also pack "bear bangers"—pen-sized devices that make a loud noise to frighten the animals away.

    The Stakes Are Real in the Yukon as a Modern Gold Rush Is On

  • I bring them to the surface to photograph, and see that each has a pen-sized holed in one side of the head, and a jagged, gaping grapefruit-sized hole on the other.

    Richard Bangs: Skullduggery on Easter Island (Part II of II)

  • The test involves having a pen-sized tube inserted into the colon so doctors can identify and remove small polyps.

    5-Minute Colon Cancer Test Could Save Thousands

  • Police believe that the suspect insert the pen-sized video camera inside the spiral portion of a spiral notebook, he then positioned to capture images under the skirts of the victims, said Officer Jonathan L. Perok.

    'Peeping Tom' used tiny camera: Police

  • “Okay, pull the shirt away and then go get disinfected,” he said to Dare, moving in quickly to put clamps on the torn blood vessels before carefully reattaching them with a small pen-sized device that glowed blue as it worked.

    Insomnia is Good for Something

  • And although it features a standard stylus that stores inside the unit, DSi XL also comes with a comfortable pen-sized stylus that's much easier to hold.

    Wired Top Stories

  • The Shaolin martial artist nearly severed the ballistics gel dummy with his wushu hooks and popped the eyes out of the dummy's head with his emei piercers a pen-sized steel spike connected to a ring that allows concealment and quick use, as well as spinning for distraction.

    May 2009

  • Where, oh where, I hear you ask, can I purchase such a pen-sized piece of wonder?

    Now *That's* What I Call UGC

  • The battered helmet was fitted with a wraparound protective eye visor and on the left side, a powerful pen-sized flashlight.

    Seven Deadly Wonders

  • “The 5-inch display, which can show detailed images, can be rolled up into a pen-sized holder,” says a Reuters report here.

    Roll-up computer screen


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