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  • n. The quality or state of being penal; lability to punishment.

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  • n. The quality or state of being penal; liability to punishment.

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  • n. The character of being penal or of involving punishment.


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See penalty.


  • Or just seize all their assets, do not allow them or their families into the US again and specifically put in every contract the contract is null and void, a 100% penality will be paid and the contract terminated if any of them or their families even give the whiff of the appearanceof impropriety and let them rely on the charity of their nation to support them?

    Costs of Entrepreneurship, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • It's another glaring example of what I have called The Illusion of Free Markets and the paradox of "neoliberal penality": the purported liberalization of the economy here, the privatization of city services goes hand-in-hand with massive policing.

    Outlawing dissent: Rahm Emanuel's new regime | Bernard Harcourt

  • If this same incident had taken place in Texas where the trial was held the jury would have no problem whatsoever at deciding on the daeth penality for this person.

    War Criminal or Hero? « Blog

  • Which is to say, in the author's own words: "Neoliberal penality and its earlier iterations have fertilized the carceral sphere."

    Price And Punishment

  • You Clinton supporters are so detached from the reality these days. have you ever questioned why Clinton agreed to the penality in the frist place and only after she realised that she is not going to win the nomination that she is making a big fuss about it, like she care for Florida or michigan voters.

    Angry Clinton supporters tell party leaders: 'Let's go McCain!'

  • Fear becomes the formal complement of an institutional systematization and identification of crimes and avoidable penal sanctions, the constructed affective complement of systematized penality.

    Article Abstracts

  • Nor did President Bush announce that he had suddenly become a convert to the belief that the death penality violates both human dignity and the sanctity of life and seek its gradual abolition.


  • As stated above, there is no legal penalty for ignoring Summorum Pontificum as we have seen worldwide albeit morally, there is also no penality for ignoring the bishop either.

    Banning even the DISCUSSION of the Motu Proprio?

  • While I am against the death penality, if this ever turns out to be true, America should march them both onto the Whitehouse lawn and shoot them in the face.

    An Iran Gunboat War Start Fantasy Scenario

  • I think that as in other Bush legal cases you'll see the same old same old (as we did in Abu Ghraib) that the top tier escapes legal penality, but someone will be "nailed"

    Deleted Whitehouse E-Mails; Another Bush Criminal; Another Reason to Impeach


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