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  • n. A beta blocker used in the treatment of high blood pressure.


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  • Capsules (acrivastine and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride), Levatol® (penbutolol sulfate),

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  • Slide 29: ß-Adrenergic Blockers ß-Adrenergic Blockers: Drug Class Medication* Nonselective ß-adrenergic nadolol, propranolol, blockers timolol Nonselective with partial carteolol, penbutolol, agonist activity pindolol atenolol, betaxolol,

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  • Slide 31: ß-Adrenergic Blockers: • Nonselective with Partial Agonist Activity Carteolol, penbutolol, and pindolol son representativos de esta categoría.

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