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  • n. Plural form of penetrator.


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  • "In each of these holes, they fit special valves called penetrators," he said, each costing anywhere from $30,000 to $1.1 million.

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  • 500 S&W Magnum with 440 grain penetrators. (hey, it dropped an elephant with one shot.) 0 Good Comment?

    Hunting T-Rex?

  • They also detail discoveries of large amounts of Iranian-supplied weapons, including the most powerful roadside bombs called explosively formed penetrators, which can destroy armored vehicles, and rockets that can take down helicopters.

    WikiLeaks Releases 400,000 Classified US Military Files

  • Citing the testimony of detainees, a captured militant's diary and numerous uncovered weapons caches, among other intelligence, the field reports recount Iran's role in providing Iraqi militia fighters with rockets, magnetic bombs that can be attached to the underside of cars, "explosively formed penetrators," or E. F.P.'s, which are the most lethal type of roadside bomb in Iraq, and other weapons.

    WikiLeaks' Iraq War Logs: US Troops Abused Prisoners Years After Abu Ghraib

  • The militants then return to Iraq to teach comrades how to fire rockets and mortars, fight as snipers or assemble explosively formed penetrators, a particularly lethal type of roadside bomb made of Iranian components, according to American officials.

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  • This program, run out of DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office, seeks to “demonstrate compressed magnetic flux generator (CMFG)-driven magneto hydrodynamically formed metal jets and self-forging penetrators (SFP) with significantly improved performance over explosively formed jets (EFJ) and fragments,” according to the agency’s website.

    Nick Turse: Overkill: Future Weapons, Future Wars, and the New Arms Race

  • That allowed the penetrators to take control of their computers.

    In the Plex

  • Massive ordnance penetrators; lesser but precision-guided penetrators "drilling" one after another; fuel-air detonations with almost the force of nuclear weapons; high-power microwave attack; the destruction of laboratories, unhardened targets, and the Iranian electrical grid; and other means, can be combined to great effect.

    The Mortal Threat From Iran

  • According to federal prosecutors, the agent was asked to help teach the group how to make deadly explosives, such as "explosively formed penetrators," or EFPs, which are designed to pierce armor and have been used by insurgents in Iraq.

    Militia Pleads Not Guilty

  • Sarg, I turned loose my sister in law with an AR15 1: 9 twist heavy barrel with one 30 round and two 20 round mags on a Volkswagen rabbit with green tip penetrators.

    A Mini-Gun for Hillary?


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