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  • n. Plural form of penis.


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  • More info than you wanted, I'm sure, but I'm putting off writing in my journal, and I got to say "penii"!

    Weekend Update: Alotta Fagina Edition

  • Instead of making the world's greatest car with 150 mpg and great 0-60 times and outstanding handling and superior safety, these clowns decided to make the world's most expensive car by adding diamonds and gold and whale penii to a pretty standard SUV.

    Prombron: The World's Baddest SUV

  • There is a business in Golden Meadows, Louisiana which drys and sells alligator penii for sale to Japanese men as an aphrodesiac.

    Where Florida Gators Become Nuggets and Handbags

  • And now that I think about it, while penii and vaginas and boobs are clearly private, other people might feel uncomfortable about things like legs or noses or what have you.

    Minding One’s Peens and Q’s | Her Bad Mother

  • After stories today about Big Penises penii? and Vagina Punching, I figured I might as well end the day on the lowest note. ...

    YesButNoButYes: February 2008 Archives

  • And if your direct sample size in viewing erect penii in real life is one, as it is for many straight men, I don't want to hear it.

    The Latest Spam Stupidity

  • If she complements his wang again, perhaps I'd gently say thank you and try to impress that penises penii? are private and perhaps should not be discussed with other people.

    Minding One's Peens and Q's

  • Now that I think about it, tho'... she has seen penii at the home of friends, when she's bathed with her male BFF.

    Minding One's Peens and Q's

  • We live in a very open otwn where it's not that unusual for toddler penii to be exposed my pants-averse son included.

    Minding One's Peens and Q's

  • As she better understands privacy and modesty, she'll learn that she has to keep her thoughts about penii to herself.

    Minding One's Peens and Q's


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