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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a pen (writing instrument).


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pen +‎ -like


  • The surgeon handed me a penlike, stainless steel object attached to a wire and told me to hold it.

    Manifesting Michelangelo

  • So, Mr. Ansley bought a penlike product that purifies water in a minute using ultraviolet rays.

    Relax. Have Fun. Get Inspired.

  • The teenager who was hurt while fighting is suspected of stabbing at least one of the other students with a "penlike knife," Groomes said.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • Or a penlike device that scans business cards and sends the data directly to your personal digital assistant, even if it's buried in your briefcase.

    The Long Wait For Bluetooth

  • Using a penlike stylus, a user creates databases on pitchers by entering such information as the type of pitch and its location relative to the batter.

    The Diamond Goes Digital

  • Other comparable devices that you can try include the touchpad, which lets you move the cursor or mouse pointer by moving your fingertip along a small pad; the digitizing tablet, which is a flat plastic surface over which you move a penlike object in order to move the pointer on the screen; or the pointing stick, a small, pencil-eraser-shaped object in the middle of the keyboard, which you manipulate by pressing with your fingertip.


  • A few minutes later Landreth finished the sketch work, opened a case and took out a jar of Hollywood tattoo ink along with a penlike applicator.

    The Closers

  • Now, they're going to be walking from the Washington Monument, make their way down Pennsylvania Avenue, and end up in this large penlike area that has been set up here by authorities.

    CNN Transcript Apr 24, 2004

  • We wore penlike radiation counters on our jumpsuits and dark sunglasses.

    A King of Infinite Space

  • But the dropped expanse of time-soiled canvas, the thing of Sundays and holidays, with just his name, "Herbert Dodd, Successor," painted on below his uncle's antique style, the feeble penlike flourishes already quite archaic -- this ugly vacant mask, which might so easily be taken for the mask of failure, somehow always gave him a chill.

    The Finer Grain


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