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  • adj. having the structure of a normal feather

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Like or pertaining to a normal feather.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In ornithology, having the structure of a penna or contour-feather; not plumulaceous.
  • In entomology, resembling the web of a feather; having fine, close, parallel lines springing diagonally from a single line: applied to color-marks and sculpture.


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  • Together the results favor an evolutionary sequence of feather filaments splitting to form primitive barbs without barbules - radially symmetric downy feathers with plumulaceous barbs- bilaterally symmetric plumulaceous feathers - bilaterally symmetric pennaceous vanes - bilaterally asymmetric vanes Fig.

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  • Behind the pennaceous curl of your long lashes, you entertained visions of golden smokestacks, taller than the Himalayas, saluting the heavens with holy smoke; of tires that turned like prayer wheels, of cash registers that chimed like temple bells, of vats of molten metals illuminating the void.

    Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

  • Here we report that melanosomes (colour-bearing organelles) are not only preserved in the pennaceous feathers of early birds, but also in an identical manner in integumentary filaments of non-avian dinosaurs, thus refuting recent claims that the filaments are partially decayed dermal collagen fibres.

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  • Feathers supposedly evolved from scales, but pennaceous feathers are so well-suited for flight that it is difficult to imagine transitional stages between scales and fully functional flight feathers.

    Evolution News & Views

  • Feduccia’s (2002) entire discussions of teeth morphology and replacement, cranial morphology, wrist bone homologies (plus three figures and a table) are completely moot and irrelevant given his acceptance of pennaceous feathers on dromaeosaurs with those serrate teeth, patterns of tooth replacement, cranial morphology, and wrist bones.

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  • You could easily argue that Microraptor gui was a better bird than Archaeopteryx, especially now that we’ve found true birds with asymmetrical pennaceous feathers on its legs similar to those on M. gui.

    New Archaeopteryx fossil provides further insight into bird, dinosaur evolution - The Panda's Thumb


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