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  • n. A polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon; the acene containing five fused rings.


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  • The researchers focused on a single molecule of pentacene, which is commonly used in solar cells.

    Think Small

  • Look at this image of pentacene, which is a kind of stretch-limo version of benzene.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Seeing is believing, the really small edition

  • The particles, just five to 20 nanometers across, were covered with a very thin layer of a substance called pentacene, which conducts electricity

  • The NOMFET (Nanoparticle Organic Memory Field-Effect Transistor), as it's known, is an organic device made of a molecule called pentacene (an organic semiconductor) and gold nano-particles.

    ZDNet News - News Page One

  • The organic device is made of a molecule called pentacene (an organic semiconductor) and gold nano-particles.

    Positive Technology Journal

  • Researchers at IBM have used an atomic-force microscope to resolve the chemical structure of pentacene.

    Friday Pix

  • - Using an atomic-force microscope, scientists at IBM Research in Zurich have for the first time made an atomic-scale resolution image of a single molecule, the hydrocarbon pentacene.

    Friday Pix

  • And my gut looks a lot like the pentacene molecule above.

    Seeing the never before seen

  • I was far more disappointed by the collapse of the high Tc superconductivity Schàƒ⵮ claimed for pentacene and doped fullerenes.

    In the Mail Today « Climate Audit

  • From the article:In another exotic application, arrays of pentacene organic transistors have been built into a flexible sheet to create a pressure-sensitive “skin” for robots at the Quantum Phase Electronics Center of the University of Tokyo.

    Robotic Nation Evidence


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