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  • adj. Of, relating to, or shaped like a pentagon

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  • adj. Having five corners or angles.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having five corners or angles. Also pentagonous.
  • n. In echinoderms, the nerve-ring, which connects the five ambulacral nerves.

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  • adj. of or relating to or shaped like a pentagon


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  • Occupying the whole southern face of the pentagonal was the sole window -- an immense sheet of unbroken glass from Venice -- a single pane, and tinted of a leaden hue, so that the rays of either the sun or moon passing through it, fell with a ghastly luster on the objects within.

    Famous Modern Ghost Stories

  • Located on the water in a nature preserve area near Wailea, the pentagonal home has several outdoor decks overlooking the coastline.

    Private Properties

  • The towers were pentagonal, giving overlapping fields of view—or fields of fire, Scotty thought darkly—along the walls to either side.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • They reported gold, blue, green, orange, and red colored globes flitting about in a pentagonal shape that seemed to rotate about a central axis.

    Foo Fighters

  • He was dressed in leather-and-bronze armor, a sturdy helmet, and he held in one hand a pentagonal shield, covered in studs and raised images.


  • Unlike most Mongolian shields, which were circular, this one was pentagonal and constructed of iron.


  • He reached down and took the pentagonal shield from the skeleton.


  • Here Paul Leonard has taken that throwaway line and constructed one of the best alien cultures I've ever read around it; reminiscent a little of both the pentagonal creatures of At the Mountains of Madness (though a lot less evil) and David Brin's Alvin the Hoon, but faced with an imminent world-destroying tragedy - this is Venus of several billion years ago, still habitable though steadily deteriorating.

    March Books 40) [In Search of Lost Time #5] The Prisoner and The Fugitive

  • Pacioli describes the dodecahedron as the symbol of the quintessence because, as Pérez-Gómez observes, "its construction subsumes the other four and because it must be constructed from the 'divine proportion,' the golden-section ratio that is inherent in the pentagonal faces of the solid" ( "Glass Architecture," 266).

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • The base form of the body is made out of cardboard folded into a pentagonal cylinder.

    Kater’s Art » 2008 » December


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