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  • n. An oligomer having five subunits


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penta- + -mer


  • This involves the evolution of more protein-protein interactions – the individual Vpu proteins must interact to form the pentamer, plus an action site that can be used to block ion flow.8

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  • In the study, frozen brain sections from people who died with Alzheimer's were stained using two LCPs/LCOs: pentamer formyl thiophene acetic acid (pFTAA) and polythiophene acetic acid (PTAA).

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  • The orientation of the C terminus toward the center of the pentamer is based on solvent accessibility.

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  • The normal pentamer to monomer ratio is 10: 1 and it has been determined that mutations that destabilise the pentamer increase the active monomer concentration inhibiting SERCA2a by altering the dissociation constant between the monomeric and pentameric forms of PLN causing inhibition by mass action

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  • This localization was very likely mediated due to mutant monomers being integrated into the WT PLN pentamer structure and maintained in the ER correctly.

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  • A computer generated image of a pentamer ice chain (red and white) on a plane surface (brown).


  • Peripheral blood from HLA-A2 healthy young, middle-aged and elderly donors was analysed by multiparametric flow cytometry using the HLA-A*0201/CMV pp65495-504 (NLVPMVATV) pentamer and mAbs specific for the molecules analysed.

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  • The researchers determined FocA to be a symmetric pentamer (see image) consisting of five identical subunits - or protomers - each with six transmembrane segments.

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  • (A) Conformation of lowest-energy complex between α-syn pentamer and 2 ns Aβ conformer on the membrane.

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  • (C) Structural organization of one α-syn pentamer complexed with two Aβ monomers.

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