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  • n. Plural form of pentamer.


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  • Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) are pentamers composed of five α subunits or a combination of α and β subunits.

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  • The ends of the shell are closed by insertion of seven and five CA protein pentamers, yielding the characteristic cone-like appearance of the capsid.

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  • Because of the inherent limitations in elucidating the precise structure of such transient intermediate species as oligomers, most studies have focused on The simulations and modeling in the present study suggest that anchoring of propagating α-syn complexes with Aβ to the membrane facilitates the incorporation of additional α-syn monomers, leading to the formation of trimers, tetramers, pentamers, and hexamers-the latter oligomers forming ring-like structures.

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  • Interacting α-syn and Aβ dimers that dock on the membrane incorporated additional α-syn molecules, leading to the formation of more stable pentamers and hexamers that adopt a ring-like structure.

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  • Molecular modeling and simulations showed that Aβ binds α-syn monomers, homodimers, and trimers, forming hybrid ring-like pentamers.

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  • We also simulated the behavior of pentamers formed from α-syn with Aβ on the POPC membrane.

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  • [31] and that at early stages the N-terminal region of Aβ monomers and dimers interact with the N and C-terminus of α-syn, leading to the formation of pentamers and hexamers with a ring-like structure

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  • These simulations showed that Aβ increased the stability of the oligomers and facilitated further docking of other α-syn molecules to form pentamers and hexamers on the membrane (

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  • Compared to non-demented controls and AD cases, in the membrane fractions of the LBD brain homogenates there was extensive accumulation of α-syn oligomers including dimers, trimers, pentamers and higher-order aggregates (

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