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  • n. the principles and practices of Pentecostal religious groups; characterized by religious excitement and talking in tongues


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  • His brand of evangelicalism, known as pentecostalism, featured "glossolalia" (speaking in tongues), ecstatic worship and divine healing.

    Randall Balmer: Oral Roberts' Death Leaves Legacy Of Televangelism

  • Roberts migrated to television in 1955, just as pentecostalism itself was about to burst onto public consciousness.

    Randall Balmer: Oral Roberts' Death Leaves Legacy Of Televangelism

  • He translated pentecostalism from the sweaty tents of the revival circuit to the cool professionalism of the television studio.

    Randall Balmer: Oral Roberts' Death Leaves Legacy Of Televangelism

  • Yes, Roberts eventually toned down some of his tent-revival antics for television, but pentecostalism was undeniably a tougher sell than Graham's smooth, corporate-style evangelicalism.

    Randall Balmer: Oral Roberts' Death Leaves Legacy Of Televangelism

  • Yet as I survey the sociological landscape of Catholicism, I can well understand why cradle Catholics who are not versed in ecclesiology, or indeed who are not well-catechized in any respect, would be seduced by pentecostalism and evangelicalism.

    The Pope in Brazil

  • I fell in with a Pentecostal group, Spent 9 years at Grace Assembly of God on Military St. off Vernor. and ended up backsliding for a about 4 years. came back in 1997. and finally in 2004, I left pentecostalism for good. and now am back in the Baptist faith.


  • Kristof thinks that pentecostalism is part of the reason that the coming pope will allow married priests: "Faced with . . . [the] choice worldwide [between decline and transformation], losing ground to Pentecostals, the next pope will be forced to choose transformation."

    Celibacy Not Required

  • Their statement of faith is standard pentecostalism, including the belief in immersion baptism, the importance of spiritual gifts like tongues, and the existence of hell.

    Christ Chapel and evangelical gay Christians at Hugo Schwyzer

  • It is the world's largest university affiliated with the charismatic movement, which along with pentecostalism believes in supernatural "gifts" of the Holy Spirit such as healing, prophecy and speaking in tongues. with John McCaslin and Melanie Morgan

    The Washington Times stories: Latest Headlines

  • I expect reply from Hindus and Sikhs? is there a difference between world pentecostalism and american pentecostalism? en Español

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions


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