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  • n. Plural form of penumbra.


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  • If you follow the links, you'll see that "penumbras" is not jargon, but a description of the legal landscape as the authors see it.


  • Scoffing at "penumbras" is (particularly when this is used as a point of derision in Griswold when this irritation is not evident in the manifold other uses of the word).


  • So a Contitutionally-unenumerated right to privacy results in emanations and penumbras from the Constitution that allows third trimester partial birth abortions, and restricts laws against sodomy and makes birth control a subject for strict scrutiny of legislation limiting its availability.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Diane Wood on the Second Amendment

  • We have two solid new Justices on the Supreme Court who don't believe in inventing new rights from "penumbras" -- and just like in 2004, the Supreme Court is at stake again.

    Why I'm Voting Pro-Life, and Motivated About the Elections

  • After all, much of what many of us hold dear about the Constitution is protected by no more than "penumbras".

    Senate Leadership Working To Get Hillary Past Wingnut Effort To Block Sec State Appointment

  • Let's get past this crapola about the "penumbras" in Griswold.


  • Conservatives scoff at "penumbras", because they didn't like Griswold much, and hate its progeny Roe even more.


  • The folks that don't like a liberal interpretation of our rights (gotta wonder why) really like to jump on this word "penumbras", but it was hardly a manufactured term or concept in Griswold but preceded it by quite some time.


  • Disdain for the word "penumbras" seems to be just lexicographic (and legal) ignorance and anti-intellectualism.


  • Justice Kennedy's "meditations were in the tradition of 'penumbras' 'emanations,'" Sen. McCain said, using memorable words from the court's 1965 opinion invalidating a ban on contraceptives.

    John McCain: Looking to the Framers


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