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  • n. Plural form of peopler.


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  • We, not we the people, not we those people, no, we a bunch of un-we-the-peoplers had previously filed an application for a rally on the Washington Mall on October 30.

    Woody Tasch: Earth to Stewart and Colbert: 'Tea Party out, Eat Party in!'

  • It may thus be deduced that New Spain and its provinces were peopled by the Greeks, those of Catigara by the Jews, and those of the rich and most powerful kingdoms of Peru and adjacent provinces by the Atlantics who were descended from the primeval Mesopotamians and Chaldæans, peoplers of the world.

    History of the Incas

  • In the Second Part, which is the present one, the most ancient and first peoplers of this land will be discussed in general, and then, descending to particulars, I shall describe [_the terrible and inveterate tyranny of_] the Ccapac Incas of these kingdoms, down to the end and death of Huascar, the last of the Incas.

    History of the Incas

  • I may be a member of an exhausted race, -- that is quite possible, -- but between the devotion to our species which is professed by these would-be re-peoplers of countries, and the purely selfish preoccupation of the Malthusians, my sympathies are all with the latter.

    Youth and Egolatry

  • And in the lower part of the tablet were inscribed these verses: —Where are the Kings and the peoplers of the earth?

    Nights 566-578. The Story of the City of Brass.

  • I saw the poor, and the degraded, and the racked, and the priest-ridden, tillers and peoplers of the soil, which made the substance beneath the glittering and false surface, -- the body of that vast empire, of which I had hitherto beheld only the face, and THAT darkly, and for the most part covered by a mask!

    Devereux — Volume 05


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