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  • n. a histamine blocker (trade name Pepcid) used to treat peptic ulcers and gastritis and esophageal reflux


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  • Mah onlee consern wud be dat his barfz is gettin sumfing bad outta him, and da pepcid mite stawp dis.

    Sorry… - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • I walked home, got to rest for half an hour, then packed up Pandy in her carrier and zipped her around the corner for another EPO shot (my fav vet doesn't keep it on hand and so suggested that it is better for her to get it there since she has to have it every other day), another anti-nausea shot (works better than the pepcid pills and so when already there, why not?)

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  • He thought and said ok, let me give you a prescription for it in tablets in the U.S. it is over-the-counter but not here and I'll give her a shot of something that does the same thing in the meantime and you can start her on the pepcid tomorrow morning.

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  • I pulled out the list and asked about giving her something like pepcid for the nausea which causes her to not want to eat or drink.

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  • Drugs diluted h2 lives - brushing pepcid or tagamet hb


  • He got more blood work, anti-nausea medicine, pepcid and his Methimazole (he's hyperthyroid, not hypo).

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  • Not really kind words - "Portland and Oregon knows how to spend eco-money per person, but little, real eco results". ciclopirox topical solution liquid purchase ciclopirox topical solution without script next day delivery order penlac cash on delivery how much does pepcid cost how to get pepcid pepcid for cats order pepcid online where can i buy pepcid online order pepcid without prescription buying pepcid online without prescription famotidine online without prescription order pepcid cash on delivery cheap pepcid no rx buy famotidine medication pepcid drug generic percocet smoke percocet online for sale us pharmacy buying percocet script ohio buy percocet off the street cost of percocet pills buy percocet no prescription percocet without a prescription buy percocet online for cheap percocet for sale online percocet in hong kong

    Only with envy (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • She’s better, but has clavamox, pepcid ad for her tummy, and pain med.

    Mr Fluffykins was justifiably proud of his reputation - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Larry King: They’ve given their fluids, pepcid... and some reglan!

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  • Our Yellow Lab named sam will be 3 years old on Sept 11 2008 and we have been taking him to our Vet because of vomiting and gulping water, it has been progressively getting worse, our vet had put sam on Rx dogfood with pepcid 20mg 2x a day, the next step was stomach xrays and a Upper Gi Sam had not been himself, had no energy and the worse thing was that he loved to go on vacations with us our last vacation was on Memorial Weekend for the Memorial Weekend and he vomited at lease six times that we had to cut our vacation short not only did he ruin the carpet at my sisters home but also my own carpeting has yellow stains from his vomit and his bile, we were beside outselves because sam is such a happy lab and even when he vomited he would wag his tail we did notice that his breathing was heavier but never linked his dog food



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