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  • adv. In a peppy manner.


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peppy +‎ -ly


  • My veins, wizened from chemo, are the bane of phlebotomists across the country who poke at me with frustrated abandon; immobilization made sleep impossible, even if they hadn't woken me at regular intervals to measure what are peppily termed "your vitals;" at least the scar on my head was ready -- they could go in through the same incision as seven years before.

    Rabbi David Wolpe: Really, Again?

  • Go somewhere like J. Crew that has a plethora of dress styles and pick one of their peppily-named colors (like Stem) and tell everyone to pick whatever style she likes.

    Meg Hemphill: Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

  • The few little shows we let him watch don't aggravate me tooooo much - Noddy; Roary; Peppa Pig; and Thomas -- but we do get the Hi-5 show and it is rather peppily insanely annoying.

    Tuning In

  • "Getting close," she peppily announced when I finally got through.

    100 Minus 2

  • Tad Low, who created Pop-Up Video for VH1, called Blind Date 's creators "huge rip-off artists" for poaching his show's peppily deconstructive technique.

    What Dethroned Seinfeld at 11? TV's Love Sensation, Blind Date !

  • Nevertheless he jumped peppily into Cateye's position.

    Over the Line

  • The reference to the still-roiling roast-the-rich movement, at least, makes a certain amount of sense, since "Godspell" celebrates the idea that the spiritual life is of paramount importance, and among the many parables enacted peppily before us are several reminding that an obsession with material achievement will land you on the wrong side of the fence at the day of judgment.

    NYT > Home Page

  • I know people are sympathizing with me, and I appreciate it, but I'm trying to be very Pollyanna about this - and I'm going to peppily cheerlead you all (sorry).

    Wired Campus

  • Most think they will also outline some sensible cost cuts, which is a good idea, as the peppily profligate search giant has a lot of fat to trim.

    All Things Digital

  • But all that potentially vital controversy is treated as secondary to the fact that she is a peppily suggestive version of Thelma or Louise.

    The Nation: Top Stories


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