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  • n. The complete set of peptides encoded by a particular genome, or present within a particular cell type or organism


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Blend of peptide and genome


  • Relative quantitation of the peptide metabolites is carried out by comparison with spiked internal standards, followed by statistical analysis of the resulting mini-peptidome.

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  • The LEADS platform provides a comprehensive view of the human transcriptome, proteome, and peptidome and serves as a rich infrastructure for the discovery of novel genes, transcripts and proteins.

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  • This is the first study where the experimental design addresses the effect of progression of mycobacterial infections in animals on the circulating peptidome.

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  • We used two separate sets of M. bovis infected animals and were able to reproducibly show consistency in serum protein profiles. iTRAQ analysis requires ~100 µg of protein for unambiguous consultation of serum peptidome after depleting for serum albumin, which represents >

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  • The present study addresses variations in the circulating peptidome based on the pathogenesis of two biologically similar mycobacterial diseases of cattle.

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  • There is no question that this instrument revolutionizes our ability to characterize the metabolome and peptidome for our complex neuronal samples. "www. - Top Stories


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