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  • n. Any of a class of peptide analogues, many of which are peptidomimetic, that have alkyl side chains attached to some of the nitrogen atoms of glycine residues

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  • n. A product of proteolytic digestion which does not give the biuret reaction and probably stands very close to the end-products.


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  • Seven years in which absolutely nothing important whatsoever happens, seven years of painstakingly informing the supermarket and food manufacturing industries of a new low-density soy peptoid, three exciting flavors of smoked bacon, and a breathrough foil bag for chips that increases shelf life by five measly days.

    Vivian Rising

  • Zuckermann and coauthor Christian Kisielowski reached another first by using the TEAM 0.5 microscope at the National Center for Electron Microscopy (NCEM) to observe individual polymer chains within the peptoid material, confirming the precise ordering of these chains into sheets and their unprecedented stability while being bombarded with electrons during imaging.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • This research is reported in a paper titled, "Free floating ultra-thin two-dimensional crystals from sequence-specific peptoid polymers," appearing in the journal Nature Materials and available in Nature Materials online.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • After screening many candidates, the team landed upon the unique combination of polymer building blocks that spontaneously formed peptoid nanosheets in water.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • What's more, unlike a typical polymer, each building block in a peptoid nanosheet is encoded with structural 'marching orders'-suggesting its properties can be precisely tailored to an application.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • The building blocks for peptoid polymers are cheap, readily available and generate a high yield of product, providing a huge advantage over other synthesis techniques.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • Zuckermann, instrumental in developing the Foundry's one-of-a-kind robotic synthesis capabilities, worked with his team of coauthors to form libraries of peptoid materials.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • Figure 2: Discovery of peptoid ligands for an integral membrane receptor via a two-color cell binding screen VEGF receptor 2 (VEGFR2) was the target of this screen.

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  • Servoss's team seeks to overcome these obstacles by developing a collection of affitoids, which are synthetic, peptoid-based affinity reagents.

    Newswise: Latest News

  • Each peptoid sheet is just two molecules thick yet up to hundreds of square micrometers in area-a 'molecular paper' large enough to be visible to the naked eye. - latest science and technology news stories


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