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  • n. Plural form of perfection.


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  • Her faultless nature, one sum of perfections, is wrapt up in her affections -- if they were hurt, she would droop like an unwatered floweret, and the slightest injury they receive is


  • First, An awful sense of the divine perfections is the best antidote against the fear of sufferings; did we fear God more, we should certainly fear men less.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume VI (Acts to Revelation)

  • The second is the class of mixed perfections, that is, good-making properties that entail some limitation (for example, being human or being corporeal) or privation (repentance, for instance).


  • For me I am none of their faction, I love not to climbe high to catch shadowes; suficeth gentle Sir, that your perfections are the Port where my labors must anchor, whose manie and liberall favours have been so largely extended unto me, that I have long time studied how I might in some fort gratefully testifie my thankfulnes unto you.

    Shakespeare's Lost Years in London, 1586-1592

  • Those perfections, that is, those graces and gifts of a former springtime are back again this year.

    Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Six daughters, one of them, Lady Sophia, surpassingly lovely recalled the perfections of that ancestress, Arabella Fermor whose charms Pope has so exquisitely touched in the 'Rape of the Lock.'

    The Wits and Beaux of Society Volume 1

  • "'Honoured Miss,'" continued Coleman, reading, "'My sentiments, that is, your perfections, your splendid action, your high breeding, and the many slap-up points that may be discerned in you by any man that has an eye for a horse ...'"

    Frank Fairlegh Scenes From The Life Of A Private Pupil

  • Gerbino, reported to her by many singular discoursers: such as could best describe him, with language answerable to his due deservings, won such honourable entertainment in her understanding soule, that they were most affectionately pleasing to her, and in recapitulating (over and over againe) his manifold and heroycall perfections; meere speech made her extreamely amorous of him, nor willingly would she lend an eare to any other discourse, but that which tended to his honour and advancement.

    The Decameron

  • The six far-reaching attitudes, or "perfections," are generosity, ethical self-discipline, patient tolerance, positive enthusiasm, mental stability and discriminating awareness.

    Taking the Kalachakra Initiation ��� 6 Refuge Commitments and Bodhisattva Vows

  • On this basis, mahayana practices of the six far-reaching attitudes, or "perfections" – generosity, ethical self-discipline, patient tolerance, mental stability and discriminating awareness – coupled with a unification of a serenely stilled and settled mind, or shamata, with an exceptionally perceptive one, or vipashyana, provide the life-force for our subsequent practice of tantra.

    The Gelug-Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra ��� Session Two


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