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  • adj. reacted with fluorine such that many hydrogen atoms have been replaced with fluorine


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  • In the study, children who had higher concentrations of these compounds, called perfluorinated compounds PFCs, in their blood had lower immune responses to diphtheria and tetanus vaccinations. Top headlines

  • The more exposure children have to chemicals called perfluorinated compounds, the less likely they are to have a good immune response to vaccinations, a study just published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association shows.


  • The finding is worrisome because the chemicals, known as perfluorinated compounds, or PFCs, wash unfiltered through sewage treatment plants into lakes and streams. -

  • · Researches showed that the chemicals known as perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), found in everyday items such as food-packaging materials, carpets and clothing were measured in higher concentration in women with delayed fertility.

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  • 3M made the compounds, known as perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), for half a century at its Cottage Grove plant. rss feed

  • The Youngor facility in Ningbo, near Shanghai, was found to have discharged nonylphenol, an endocrine disruptor that builds up in the food chain, perfluorinated chemicals, which can have an adverse effect on the liver and sperm counts, as well as a cocktail of other toxins.

    Greenpeace report links western firms to Chinese river polluters

  • A recent UCSF study found 43 different chemicals in nearly every pregnant women tested--including flame retardants, plasticizers, phenols, perfluorinated chemicals and perchlorate -- and we know this is only a fraction of the chemicals circulating in our bodies.

    Frances Beinecke: Testifying to Congress: It's Time to Keep Our Families Safe from Toxic Chemicals

  • There is evidence that residents of the Faroe Islands may have greater exposure to perfluorinated compounds through their diet, which includes whale meat.

    A Dip in the Pool Does an Aging Body Good

  • At several important ages, the researchers measured the mothers' and children's exposure to perfluorinated compounds PFCs, a group of chemicals used for a range of industrial applications, including food packaging.

    A Dip in the Pool Does an Aging Body Good

  • Avoid non stick pans, pots, bakeware and utensils (as Teflon contains perfluorinated chemicals (PFC's) which have been linked to cancer and developmental problems).

    20 Ways to 'Detox' Your Home


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