from The Century Dictionary.

  • One of the groups into which Edwards and Haime (1850) divide the corals: distinguished from Aporosa, Tabulata, and Rugosa. It includes the Madreporidæ, Poritidæ, etc. Also called Porosa.
  • The perforate foraminifers, a large group (subclass, order, or suborder) of filose protozoans inclosed in a test perforated with numerous foraminules besides the main opening, through all of which the thready pseudopods may protrude: opposed to Imperforata. Leading forms are the Textulariidæ, Lagenidæ, Globigerinidæ, Rotaliidæ, and Nummulinidæ.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun plural A division of corals including those that have a porous texture, as Porites and Madrepora; -- opposed to Aporosa.
  • noun plural A division of Foraminifera, including those having perforated shells.


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