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  • n. Plural form of performative.


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  • I like in Queer Theory, Gender Theory where "performatives" are brought up -- statements that are also actions "I now pronounce you man & wife" creates the legal bond between two people, somebody says "I bet $1000" in a poker game creates the bet -- "The woman-ness is never there apart from my actions; I call it into being by creating it moment to moment.

    Progress Report

  • Accordingly in this entry I will consider the relation among speech acts and: semantic content, grammatical mood, speaker-meaning, logically perfect languages, perlocutions, performatives, presuppositions, and implicature.

    Saving Prostitutes in Sevilla

  • Austin noted e.g. that assertions are subject to infelicities, just like performatives


  • Paradigm examples of performatives were utterances by means of which actions such as baptizing, congratulating and greeting are performed.


  • In it Austin defines two sorts of speech acts, or ˜performatives™: illocutions and perlocutions.

    Transport: a Flash-Fiction Triptych

  • Nor are these assertions mere neutral constations; they are exhortative performatives that require the passage from sheer enunciation to action.

    Reading, Begging, Paul de Man

  • However, a clear delimitation between performatives and constatives proved to be difficult to establish.


  • Constatives are true or false, depending on their correspondence (or not) with the facts; performatives are actions and, as such, are not true or false, but


  • Bach, Kent and Robert M. Harnish, 1992, "How performatives really work: A reply to Searle."


  • Instead of pursuing the distinction between performatives and constatives, Austin (1962a) proposed a new three-fold distinction.



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