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  • verb Present participle of perfuse.


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  • What about someone in shock or renal failure who needs a foley so you can tell if they're making any urine/perfusing their kidneys?

    An Inexact Science

  • We have already mentioned that a part of the released substance diffuses into the blood or into some other perfusing fluid.

    Otto Loewi - Nobel Lecture

  • Clearly we had to extend these observations to the ganglion; and a method of perfusing the superior cervical ganglion of the cat, then recently described by

    Sir Henry Dale - Nobel Lecture

  • Feldberg and Gaddum17, though unable to reproduce effects obtained by Kibjakow with pure Locke's solution, found that, when eserine was added to the fluid perfusing the ganglion, stimulation of the preganglionic fibres regularly caused the appearance of acetycholine in the venous effluent.

    Sir Henry Dale - Nobel Lecture

  • From a medical and technical standpoint all that is needed is the development of a surgical procedure for perfusing a patient†™ s circulatory system with a series of fixatives and plastic resins capable of perfectly preserving their brain†™ s neural circuitry in a plasticized block for long-term storage.

    The Speculist

  • Parallel experiments were conducted with or without 10 µM HC-056456 present in all perfusing media.

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  • •   A brief period of chest compressions can deliver oxygen and energy substrates to increase the likelihood that a perfusing rhythm will return aLer shock delivery.

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  • Even if a perfusing rhythm is already restored, giving chest compressions does not increase the chance of VF recurring

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  • Tumor-infiltrating immune cells were purified by perfusing tumor-bearing mice with 100 ml

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • Waveform asymmetry of individual sperm were examined while sequentially perfusing with HS alone, then at 30 s during a 60 s-perfusion with HS containing 20 µM HC-056456 (gray box), then following 60 s of 'washout' with HS alone, and finally following 60 s of additional perfusion with HS containing 15 mM NaHCO

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