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  • n. A trained clinician who operates the heart-lung machine during cardiac and other surgeries.


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perfusion +‎ -ist


  • The patient's blood is drawn, centrifuged by a specialist called a perfusionist, and injected, all in one visit.

    Injured? Horsing Around With Stem Cells May Get You Back in the Saddle

  • To the surgeons, neurologists, anesthesiologists, and the perfusionist, who kept my systems going for many hours under daunting circumstances.

    Daniel C. Dennett: Thank Goodness!

  • About 30 years ago I worked for a Seguro Social hospital in Guadalajara as a perfusionist.

    the State of Oaxaca...

  • No one knows exactly what happened in Operating Room No. 7 that evening, except those who were there -- about 10 or so, including Jaggers and at least one other surgeon to help him, most likely several residents, an anesthesiologist, a perfusionist to run the heart-lung machine and several nurses.

    'A Tragic Error'

  • I am board-certified perfusionist, a graduate of Ohio State University, and spend much of my time investigating, evaluating, and applying my research in the care of cardiac surgical patients.

    Few Biologists but Many Evangelicals Sign Anti-Evolution Petition - The Panda's Thumb

  • So we, the nurses and the engineers from Abiomed and our perfusionist and so forth here can look at this console and see every time the heart's beating, how it's functioning, not only each beat, but at the beginning of each beat, the middle of each beat, the last third of each beat, the end of each beat, for the left side of the heart and the right side of the heart.

    CNN Transcript Aug 21, 2001

  • The perfusionist on the heart-lung machine will coordinate with the surgeons and the anesthesiologist to make sure that your circulation and respiration are maintained mechanically throughout the operation.

    Healing the Female Heart

  • The anesthesiologist and perfusionist will work together to bring your temperature back up and slowly wean you off the heart-lung machine.

    Healing the Female Heart

  • The perfusionist and anesthesiologist will then be alerted that it is time to switch you over to the heart-lung machine.

    Healing the Female Heart

  • The perfusionist was recalibrating the cabinetlike bypass machine.



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