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  • n. An amended spelling of periphery.


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  • Croat infantry can be used in two manners: first, as small parties of raiders causing havoc in the little conflicts and skirmishes that occured frequently along the supply routes and rear areas of the enemy lines; and secondly, on the perifery of the battlefield in areas where they could seek cover.

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  • This is a perfect addition to woodland borders on the perifery of your lawn.

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  • The town of Pettstadt is an actual locale that is located on the perifery of the site where Frederick the Great defeated the French at Rossbach.

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  • In my mind, "carinate" means that there is a distinct thickening of the shell carbonate along the perifery, not just a sharp change in curvature angular.

    Anguispira alternata angulata

  • At the time it was something like, a perifery, or something, you know, somebody who’s on the boundaries, of like a county.

    The Fall

  • If such an emulsion is rotated quickly, the heavier particles will move farther to the perifery than the lighter ones.

    The Nobel Stamps of 1983

  • It was at some point during her speech that something happened on the perifery and many were distracted enough to rush to the barriers surrounding the event.

    Tundra Tabloids.......

  • The string could have been moved around the perifery of the hole in the door to determine where Frederick could have been standing to fire the shot, or conversely, to confirm if the re-enactor was accurately positioned.

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  • Those things happening on the perifery have nothing to do with it, "he said. | Top Stories


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