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  • n. Plural form of perihelion.
  • n. Plural form of perihelium.


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  • Nibiru, should be somewhere 1,5billion km from us because it's proximity to perihelia, circa as far as Saturn.

    2012: NASA's Scientific Reality Check | Universe Today

  • All planetoids behind Pluto, Pluto, Neptune are close to perihelia or aphelia on their orbits.

    2012: NASA's Scientific Reality Check | Universe Today

  • I watched planets how they move on their orbits and I started to shift Nibirus period, parameters so, that it-Nibiru entered among outdoor planets approx. 20 years ago,…20 years before 2012, such way that Nibiru should be in perihelia 6.6. 2012 in time of Venus transit.

    2012: NASA's Scientific Reality Check | Universe Today

  • Results are two hot spots next to Orion what are projections of coming Nibiru during spring and autumn equinoxes, represent also distance of Nibiru from us circa 1,5 billions km,…like Saturn from us, it means arrival of Nibiru to perihelia in 3 years, in 2012!

    2012: NASA's Scientific Reality Check | Universe Today

  • As it looks now, you would think there are two perihelia and two aphelia...

    Rabett Run

  • The sun on the center of your screen, on the very left edge of your screen, that's what we like to call a sun dog or a perihelia.

    CNN Transcript Jan 15, 2008

  • “Those minor planets all are known to rotate in a narrow zone between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter; in their perihelia they cannot approximate the sun as we have done; we shall not be classed with them.”

    Off on a Comet

  • Ordinarily, comets are conspicuous at their perihelia, as being their shortest distances from the sun, which is the focus of their orbit, and inasmuch as a parabola is but an ellipse with its axis indefinitely produced, for some short portion of its pathway the orbit may be indifferently considered either one or the other; but in this particular case the professor was right in adopting the supposition of its being parabolic.

    Off on a Comet

  • Considered from a scientific point of view, some of the gravest errors into which the author has fallen are the suppositions, that the perihelia and nodes of the planetary orbits move uniformly, and that they can ever become exactly circular.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 06, No. 33, July, 1860

  • The art has also been applied to the observation of comets at distances from their perihelia so great as to prevent their visual observation.

    History of Astronomy


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