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  • n. inflammation of the serous or peritoneal coating of the liver

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  • n. Inflammation of the serous covering of the liver.


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  • It can affect the bowels and the liver perihepatitis syndrome.


  • We showed that pAPEC-1-cured χ7122 bacteria were attenuated in chickens, caused few lesions of pericarditis and perihepatitis, did not persist in the blood, and poorly colonized the lung, spleen, and liver

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  • Birds that survive septicemia develop subacute fibrinopurulent airsacculitis, pericarditis, perihepatitis, and lymphocytic depletion of the bursa and thymus.

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  • Hmm, Lucky you didn’t have to explain a case of acute gonococcal perihepatitis.


  • The following is a list of terms used to describe the shape, size, color, consistency, or other characteristics of pathological conditions. millet seed miliary tuberculosis pea-sized plum-sized orange-sized tumors melon-sized pear breast cancer porridge atherosclerotic material napkin rings colon cancers popcorn calcium of hamartoma soupy creamy cheesy discharges anchovy paste word salad schizophrenia oyster ovaries hydatid mole chicken breast rickets cauliflower tumor osteochondroma potato nodes sarcoidosis onion-peel sign Ewing's tumor hard-baked spleen Hodgkin's disease apple-jelly nodules cutaneous tuberculosis strawberry nevus cavernous angioma peau d'orange carcinoma of the breast bacon spleen sago spleen amyloidosis Swiss cheese ventricular septal defects coffee ground emesis gastic bleeding chocolate cysts ovarian endometriosis sugar icing liver chronic perihepatitis port wine urine porphyria corkscrew esophagus diffuse esophageal spasm doughnut kidney bipolar fusion of renal anlagen forkful Colles's fracture

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