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  • adv. extremely cold. Emphasising the extreme degree of coldness.


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  • The chance to end slavery seemed perishingly small.

    Anastasia Hobbet: The Honor Code and the Arab Gulf

  • Any indictments by the International Criminal Court will guarantee that whatever hope, however perishingly slight, that the AU/UN force for Darfur will ever be able to achieve something has de facto been abandoned.

    Daimnation!: Darfur: The West gives up

  • Since the fact that Britain is not a country worth living in has been a constant feature of Melanie Phillips 'journalism since about 1992, the habitable territory of the world seems perishingly small.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Update: In his first speech as Minister of National Defence Mr O'Connor provided perishingly little in the way of detail on strengthening the Canadian Forces.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • I was sorry for him in my soul, he was so cruelly tired, so perishingly victorious.

    Twilight in Italy

  • Some of the rooms were perishingly cold, but very few of the officers or mages spent much time in their tiny closet-sized rooms.

    Storm Rising

  • It is perishingly cold at Chittagong, _i. e._, in shade in the early morning, but it is bracing, A. 1. weather for doing things.

    From Edinburgh to India & Burmah

  • The summers in the canyons were seething hot, the winters in the mountains perishingly cold, with apparently inexhaustible snow clouds circling forever about the rugged peaks -- snows in which many a good, honest laborer was lost until the eagles and vultures came with the April thaws, and wheeled slowly above the pulseless sleeper, if indeed the wolves and mountain lions had permitted him to lie thus long unmolested.

    The Moccasin Maker

  • The water, perishingly cold when I had a Sunnyside dip two weeks ago, is limpid and cool - about the same temperature as a Muskoka lake.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed


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