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  • adj. Around the sylvian fissure in the cerebral cortex


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  • It has been seven years since Schuyler was diagnosed with bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria.

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  • English speakers engage the left perisylvian cortices-areas that are typically involved in linguistic processing.

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  • The present DTI findings suggest that the perisylvian inferior parietal, superior temporal, and lateral frontal corticies are tightly connected not only in the human left but also in the human right hemisphere.

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  • By using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DTI) and subsequent tractography, a perisylvian language network in the human left hemisphere recently has been identified connecting Brocas's and Wernicke's areas directly (arcuate fasciculus) and indirectly by a pathway through the inferior parietal cortex.

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  • Phonemic paraphasias (for example, '' baby flitter '' for '' baby sitter ''), and semantic paraphasias ( '' clock '' for '' watch '', or '' apple '' for '' orange '') may also be seen, and reflect pathology in Broca's area and the posterior perisylvian region, respectively.

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  • Furthermore, the gray matter has more volume in musician's brains, especially in primary sensorimotor regions, left basal ganglia, the bilateral cerebellum and the left posterior perisylvian region.

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