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  • adj. Wearing a periwig.

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  • adj. wearing a wig popular for men in the 17th and 18th centuries


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periwig +‎ -ed


  • Here he found himself almost equally helpless; for what male wit is adequate to the thousand little coquetries practised in such arrangements? how can masculine eyes judge of the degree of demi-jour which is to be admitted into a decorated apartment, or discriminate where the broad light should be suffered to fall on a tolerable picture, where it should be excluded, lest the stiff daub of a periwigged grandsire should become too rigidly prominent?

    Saint Ronan's Well

  • I fancy I had been making queer faces enough, and perhaps talking to myself, When I saw myself used in this manner, I held out my clenched fists straight before me, stooped my head, and, like a ram when be makes his race, darted off right down the street, scattering groups of weatherbeaten lairds and periwigged burgesses, and bearing down all before me.


  • Exhaling good old inland American Anglophobia, he mocks "those periwigged lords of London, who wore their laces and took their snuff and kept their mistresses" and lent their own names to Bedford, Halifax, Pelham and the like.

    A Long Way From Dullsville

  • Ancient French tragedy, red-heeled, patched, and be-periwigged, lies in the grave; and it is only the ghost of it that we see, which the fair Jewess has raised.

    The Paris Sketch Book

  • Baronet descended in state, leaning upon the arm of the Apollo in plush and powder, who closed the shutters of the great coach, and mounted by the side of the coachman, laced and periwigged.

    The Newcomes

  • The crowd of periwigged heads at the windows — the swearing chairmen round the steps (the blazoned and coronalled panels of whose vehicles denote the lofty rank of their owners), — the throng of embroidered beaux entering or departing, and rendering the air fragrant with the odors of pulvillio and pomander, proclaim the celebrated resort of

    Novels by Eminent Hands

  • All the people whose portraits are hanging up, beruffled, dignified, calm, and periwigged, on the old walls of Edgeworthstown certainly had extraordinarily strong impressions, and gave eloquent expression to them.

    Castle Rackrent

  • They moved into the dining room, where Corinne paused before an oil portrait of a periwigged gentleman in a ruffled neck cloth.

    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

  • The old woman was thrust back in the crowd by a soldier, where she stood staring in amazement, and Margaret, clothed in her beautiful cloak, stepped to the donkey's side and looked first at her brother and then at the group of periwigged men who bobbed their heads in the dust before him and shouted, "Long live the king!"

    Queen Zixi of Ix

  • It all seemed so unreal and absurd -- this kingly title and polite deference bestowed upon a poor boy by five dignified and periwigged men -- that it was hard for Bud to curb his suspicion that all was not right.

    Queen Zixi of Ix


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