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  • n. Plural form of periwig.


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  • Referring in his "Diary" to one of his visits to his hairdresser, Pepys says, "I did try two or three borders and periwigs, meaning to wear one, and yet I have no stomach for it; but that the pains of keeping my hair clean is great.

    At the Sign of the Barber's Pole Studies In Hirsute History

  • He favored gray court periwigs, an English fashion going out of favor in America.28

    George Washington’s First War

  • In pubs, smoking parlors, and coffeehouses—in “close, clouded, hot, narcotic rooms”—men in periwigs, stockings, and lace ruffs gathered through the day and night to pull smoke from pipes and cigars or sniff snuff from decorated boxes.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • Aside from breeches and periwigs, the only things we're lacking today are gaols, disease-ridden garrets, and gallows, which did help thin the ranks of scribblers.

    An Althouse blog fund-raiser.

  • John Cheever was fond of pointing out that the abomination of periwigs "is in the nature of literature," and it seems he was taught to emulate such virtue on his father's knee.

    'Cheever: A Life'

  • One aspect of Ezekiel's piety was a stern distaste for periwigs, which he was known to yank from foppish heads and fling out windows.

    'Cheever: A Life'

  • "The welfare of the commonwealth was always upon the conscience of Ezekiel Cheever," said Judge Sewall, "and he abominated periwigs."

    'Cheever: A Life'

  • They pursued their various delights in a London of periwigs, libertines, and Enlightenment, of new gathering places devoted to the consumption of exotic global novelties like coffee, tea, chocolate, and ice cream, of new faces from the provinces and from Ireland, including men of humble background who had been superbly educated thanks to an expanding system of grammar schools and university scholarships.

    A Silly, Very Cultured Club

  • Was there anything more pointless in the entire history of fashion including periwigs and bustles?

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • But then, the Mountjoys, Shakespeare's landlords, were not only French -- and therefore suspicious aliens -- but also "tiremakers," artisans who created headdresses and periwigs for the theater and for people of fashion.

    Shakespeare, Center Stage


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